1. Starting at the bottom left corner of the part.

2. Select the Profile icon from the right menu bar.

3. Sketch the vertical 1.50 inch line that defines the left edge of the part.

4. Now sketch the first arc along the top of the part. To do this hold down
the left mouse button and drag it in the direction you want the arc to go
then release the mouse button. The arc will appear and allow you to drag
and place it where you want. Place it on the grid intersection 2 inches
above the bottom of the part and a half-inch to the right. This will only
create half of the arc needed, so the process will have to be repeated to
sketch the other half of the arc.

5. Finish sketching the rest of the part. When you reach the inside .25 radius,
just repeat Step 4.

6. When the sketch is done constrain it to double check that all the
dimensions match the part shown above. Make the necessary changes if