Catia V5 Ebook Video And Tutorials For Beginner
CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application).Learn the basic command of catia one by one and improve yourself.Catia software are used in infrastructure,machine design,weld design ,part design,mold design,tooling design,drafting,assembly design,sheet metal design.etc.Get the free ebook ,guide and video of catia here.

1) On the windows desktop, double-click the Catia enviroment

2)On the taskbar ,select the Start->Programs->Catia V5 , enviroment shortcut.

3) A new product file,with the default name Product1,will start automatically

4) To close the File>Close from the Menu Bar.


catia workbench

By catia programmer

Catia V5 serves the basic design tasks by providing different workbenches .A workbench is defined as a specified enviroment consisting of set of tool ,which allows the user to perform design tasks in particular area.the basic workbenches in Catia v5 are :-

Sketcher workbench

Part design workbench

Wireframe and surface design workbench

Assembly design

Drafting workbench

a) Generative drafting

b) Interactive drafting



By catia programmer

catia solution

By catia programmer

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