1. Create an offset plane: select an existing plane,and enter an offset value.
  2. Create a parallel plane through a point: select an existing plane and point .The resulting plane is parallel to the reference plane and passes through the point.
  3. Create a plane at an angle : select an existing plane and rotation axis ,then enter an angle value
  4. Create a plane through three point: select any three point
  5. Create a plane through two lines: select two lines
  6. Create a plane through a point and line: select any point and line
  7. Create a plane through a planer curve : select any planar curve
  8. Create a plane normal to a curve: select any curve and point
  9. Create a plane based on it's equation: key in the values for the Ax+Bu+Cz=D equation.
  10. Create a mean plane through several points: select any three ,or more points