The next step is to create a two-dimensional profile of the part. The Sketcher Work
Bench is a two-dimensional (planar) work area. To use the Sketcher Work Bench,
you must specify which Plane the profile is to be created on. Specifying the Plane
can be done several different ways.
3.1 Select (highlight) the desired Plane from the graphical representation in
the center of the screen as shown in Figure 1.5. Notice, as a particular
Plane is selected, the equivalent Plane in the Specification Tree is
highlighted. If the Specification Tree isn’t showing the branches with the
Plane, it will need to be expanded. To do this, select the Plus symbol
to the left of the Specification Tree or double click on the branch you
want expanded.
3.2 The step described above can be reversed. Select the Plane in the
Specification Tree and the coordinating plane in the center of the screen
will also be highlighted.
3.3 Other Planes, surfaces and/or other planner objects can also be selected to
define the Sketcher Plane. This option will be covered in more detail
later in the book.