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CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application).Learn the basic command of catia one by one and improve yourself.Catia software are used in infrastructure,machine design,weld design ,part design,mold design,tooling design,drafting,assembly design,sheet metal design.etc.Get the free ebook ,guide and video of catia here.

Cnc Programming

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CAM is a term to denote the CNC program preparation from CAD database .CAM systems enables part programs for numerical controlled machine tools to be produced with a speed and reliability that exceed any traditional system of part programming.CAM software use the database of CAD file or can create the database using the commands available in itself.

CAM software is now available as s standard feature for all major numerically controlled machine tool processes including milling,turning, flame cutting,electrical discharge machining etc.The milling capability can accommodate 2 1/2 an the three dimensional surface machining tasks,including those requiring movements in as many as five axis.


Catia download

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Computer Aided Design

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Computer Aided design can be defined as the use of computer to assist in creation , analysis or optimization of design .In total Computer integrated Manufacturing concept Cad is one of the core modules.Tool Designers use Cad system to perform two primary tasks

  1. To produce detailed drawing for their tool designs
  2. To carry out design analysis

There are several basic reason to use Cad systems.

  1. To increase the productivity and creativity of designers
  2. To improve the quality and accuracy of designs
  3. To improve the efficiency of communication
  4. To create a database for manufacturing and engineering
  5. To improve control of design changes.

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Sketching with the Profile icon

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1. Starting at the bottom left corner of the part.

2. Select the Profile icon from the right menu bar.

3. Sketch the vertical 1.50 inch line that defines the left edge of the part.

4. Now sketch the first arc along the top of the part. To do this hold down
the left mouse button and drag it in the direction you want the arc to go
then release the mouse button. The arc will appear and allow you to drag
and place it where you want. Place it on the grid intersection 2 inches
above the bottom of the part and a half-inch to the right. This will only
create half of the arc needed, so the process will have to be repeated to
sketch the other half of the arc.

5. Finish sketching the rest of the part. When you reach the inside .25 radius,
just repeat Step 4.

6. When the sketch is done constrain it to double check that all the
dimensions match the part shown above. Make the necessary changes if


Cad Application Software

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Cad application software is the software that allows the user to design the product.It allows the user to give commands to do the geometric modelling to interact with the database and to display the cad model.Allows the user to generate plot files and to store data for later use.
In workstations usually a copy of the Cad software is loaded on to each system.

Powerful application software are available for

  1. Design and analysis of components
  2. Finite element analysis
  3. Drafting


Cad Cam system

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The qualities of a good cad cam software may be listed as follows:-

  1. Interactive , three dimensional modelling.
  2. Choice of modelling type, either surface modelling or solid modelling.
  3. Ability to model assemblies and their connections.
  4. Interfaces closely with analysis tools such as FEA, dynamic analysis,mass and section properties,and other modules.
  5. Capability to edit the geometry, including :undo"operations.
  6. Storage of the part description in terms of geometry,topology, dimensions , tolerances,surface finish and ability to store and attach engineering notes to the geometric entities.
  7. Printout the part description in terms of standard engineering drawing format.

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This section explains the calculations related to folding/unfolding operations.
When a bend is unfolded, the sheet metal deformation is represented by the
bend allowance V defined by the formula:
L = A + B + V

L is the total unfolded length
A and B the dimensioning lengths as defined on the figures below:


Bend-Allowance (2)

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Another way to compute the sheet metal deformation is the neutral fiber
definition (K Factor):
W = a * (R + k * T)
W is the flat bend width
R the inner bend radius
T the sheet metal thickness
a the inner bend angle in radians.
If b is the opening bend angle in degrees:
a = p * (180 - b) / 180
Physically, the neutral fiber represents the limit between the material
compressed area inside the bend and the extended area outside the bend.
Ideally, it is represented by an arc located inside the thickness and centered
on the bend axis. Therefore the K Factor always has a value between 0 and


Bend Allowance

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When you define the sheet metal parameters, a literal feature defines the
default K Factor, according to the DIN standard:
K = (0.65 + log(R / T) / 2) / 2
This formula can be deactivated or modified using Knowledge Advisor
When a bend is created, the bend K Factor and the bend allowance literals
are created.
Two cases may then occur:
If the Sheet Metal K Factor has an activated formula and uses the
default bend radius as input parameter, the same formula is activated
on the bend K Factor with the bend radius as input.
Else the bend K Factor is a formula equal to the Sheet Metal K Factor.
The bend allowance literal is equal to a formula representing the use of the
bend K Factor. This formula is fairly complex and it is strongly recommended
not to delete it.
V = a * (R + k * T) – 2 * (R + T) * tan ( min(p/2,a) / 2)
Though it is possible to deactivate the formula to enter a fixed value.
Finally, the bend flat width is computed from the bend allowance value.


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