From the NT Desktop, double click on the CATIA V5R5 icon. Be patient, it may
take a few moments to bring up the CATIA V5 start logo and the actual CATIA V5
working window. Figure 1.3 shows what the screen should look like.
If you are not able to finish all of the steps in this lesson in one session, you can jump
to Step 23, which covers saving and exiting CATIA V5. This will allow you to save
your work for your next session

2 Select The Sketcher Work Bench.
Every time you start CATIA V5, the CATIA V5 screen will appear as it does in
Figure 1.3. The “Welcome to CATIA V5” pop-up window will prompt you to select
a work bench. The default work bench is Product Structure. For this lesson, you
will need to select the Sketcher Work Bench. Notice, as you select the Sketcher
Work Bench that the tool bars on the right hand of your screen change and the
“Welcome to CATIA V5” pop-up window disappears.

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